Actors – Extras – technicians

Our activity is to support production crews during their filming in Paris, and to grant them the necessary permits; technical crews and extras selected beforehand by the production companies themselves.

Can I sign up on your website?

Unlike other film Commissions, Paris and its region do not provide actors, extras or technicians directories for production companies.In Paris, you will find the positions advertised by extras casting agencies, on the Pôle Emploi website, in the “dramatic artist” job type section. And also on the following sites: cineaste.org; castprod.com; Almacis.fr, in the “consult” section. We advise against signing up to paying casting agencies’ websites, as these re-use the advertisements already found elsewhere on free sites. You will find the email addresses of extras casting agencies: on their association’s website, www.acfda.fr, and at the Pôle Emploi performing arts offices at 50 rue de Malte, postal code 75011, Paris.
Another useful website: aciafrance.org, of the association of extras and dramatic arts performers at aciafrance.org

If you live in another region, you can be listed in directories set up by Film France Commission www.filmfrance.net.

I would like to know more about films currently being shot to offer my services.

Paris Film does not communicate any information about current shootings. We are in contact with the production companies in order to guide them in their filming projects in the capital, and to grant them the necessary shooting permits. At this stage, their crews are already assembled. You can access this information by checking the magazines or websites designed for television or cinema professionals.


Why do production companies choose to use marquees/canteens instead of a restaurant?

It is very difficult for production companies to be able to book 50 seats or more in a restaurant at lunch time. Other, smaller companies choose this solution.

Image rights

Are Parisian monuments subject to image rights?

Only buildings whose architect is living or who has died less than 70 years ago are subject to image rights. These pieces are catalogued by Societies of Authors (Contact information: ADAGP – www.adagp.fr and SAIF – www.saif.fr, see the filming guide section).

Is the Eiffel Tower subject to image rights?

Not during the day, only at night when it is lit up, and in this case, you must get in touch with the site; refer to the scenery sheet section.


Valid insurance will be required for any type of shooting

As I’m not a professional, must I get in touch with an insurance company to be able to make a film?

It is vital to subscribe to an insurance policy covering your activity. You can have your insurance policy extended to include a “civil liability” clause for the duration of your shoot.

If you are a student, and the filming is done as part of your studies, ask your school to give you a copy of their insurance certificate.

Films currently being shot

Can we get information about current filming?

Paris Film does not communicate any information about current filming.

Filming permit

Regardless of the team’s configuration, if you wish to take footage in a garden location, a park, a Wood (Boulogne or Vincennes), canals, banks, cemeteries, marketplaces, schools, museums, etc., you will need a permit and  pay charges, generally before the filming takes place (see filming fees section). Paris Film Office will be able to coordinate and grant you the filming permits for the City’s locations. So as to ensure that the chosen locations are part of the public domain, please refer to the “finding a setting” section for the contact details of the establishment in charge of the location. If you can’t find the site you are looking for or contact Paris Film Office who will guide you.

Notification of filming

The production teams must provide precise information about their arrival in the sector concerned, at least three days before filming, a dedicated section gives advice and a typical example to do it in the " Prepare your shoot section".


Parking permits are delivered by the Paris Film Office. These parking arrangements are subject to taxation (see filming fees schedule on the site).
This issue must be discussed with Paris Film office and the details of the filming destined for local residents must be displayed in the relevant neighbourhood three days before filming starts (see  filming information in prepare your shoot section).


Are green areas all managed by the City of Paris?

Yes, most  of them, except for the Tuileries, the Palais Royal, the La Vilette Park, the Jardin des Plantes and the Jardins de Luxembourg. You will find the contact information in our “finding a setting” parks and gardens section.


I would like to rent my flat for shootings, can I advertise it on parisfilm.fr?

Our website doesn’t have a directory of private settings, only of those in the public domain.

Time period needed to obtain a permit

Upon receiving a complete application file, it takes on average of two weeks for an application to be processed and to receive a filming permit.  

Why film in Paris?

Filming in Paris means having:

  • Emblematic and accessible settings for all types of production companies.
  • Professional team by your side,
  • Actors and technicians renowned for their talent and highly experienced professionals.
  • Having the ability to register your application on-line.

More than 950 films made in Paris in 2012,

10 film crews shoot in Paris every day