Filming in Paris: get permission

Applications, required documents, important steps and deadlines,…  Everything you need to know about filming in Paris.

Post declaration (déclaration préalable)

For outdoor shootings set on public streets (streets and bridges only. No gardens, or river banks) with a crew of 10 people max using light equipment, you need to:

1/ Fill in the form called “Déclaration préalable de prises de vues sur la voie publique” (click below to download)

formulaire de déclaration préalable de prises de vues sur la voie publique

2/ Send it at, within at least 5 working days before the shooting.

3/ You will received an E-mail containing your declaration register number

4/ Your set may be controlled by the UCAT (Unité de Contrôle des Tournages)


Normal procedures

For any other shooting projects, you will need to get a permit from the City of Paris.

1/ You have to apply online via our tele-service


Our services:

Paris Film has exclusive authority to take steps on behalf of a production company or an individual to get specific permits. No request must be directly addressed to other municipal services.

The Mission Cinéma and Paris Film are at your disposal to:

-          Considering your application

-          Informing you on the applicable regulations and requirements

-          Coordinating the occupation permits in premises, parks or gardens, public or cultural buildings that depend on the City of Paris.

-          Dealing with the specific technical needs that are necessary for your shooting (removal of road signs, urban furniture, public lighting changes, street cleaning,…)

-          Informing you about permits for private or state-owned places and image rights


Required documents

When submitting your application, you will be asked for the following documents:

-          A synopsis

-          An insurance certificate

-          The scenario

-          Technical sheets

-          A layout describing your parking plan, both for technical vehicles and vehicles from the set

-          The story-board can be added if you feel it is useful


Set deadline

You will get your permit and technical interventions in a minimum of 10 working days after your application.

For full-length feature films, it is highly recommended that you contact us and plan a preparatory meeting for us to examine your shooting schedule.



If there is any change or you require any clarification about an application you previously submitted, please email the additions at

If your addition concerns a new setting, please make a new application.

For further information before you apply, please feel free to contact us.