International production

Each year, Paris attracts a large range of International film crew. Paris Film team will be pleased to guide you.

In 2013, Paris welcomed more than 110 International productions.

Some International productions use an executive production based in France .
To inform you, please find above the shootings done in Paris since 2006 with a help of a production service based in France. You can make a research  by country, type (commercial, documentary, feature, Tv fiction, short), year or executive production company and you will know the name of the project  with the number of  days filming  in Paris. 




Year Type Title and director Executive production Days in Paris
2009 FEATURE La Signature by Stelios Haralambopoulos AIA Films 3


Year Type Title and director Executive production Days in Paris
2012 FEATURE ISHKQ in Paris by Prem Raj FAIR PRODUCTION 11
2012 FEATURE Queen by Vika Bahi jet films 6
2012 FEATURE Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani by Ayan Mukherji jet films 4
2011 FEATURE Chemistry by Kabir Sai Prodywood 4
2011 FEATURE EDUKANTE PREMANTA by M Karunakarau Jet Films 4
2011 FEATURE LONDON PARIS NEW YORK by Anu Menon Jet Films 6
2011 FEATURE THIRUTHANI by Mr Pearasu Tanit productions 5
2011 COMMERCIAL ZERO HOUR MAGAZINE (steel) Cinedecors 1
2010 FEATURE Ichh by Prabhuveda Sundaram Prodywood 10
2010 FEATURE Man Madan Ambu by Ravikumar Tanit Productions 5
2009 FEATURE Uhakkay Uyiranen by Krishnamoorthy Tanit Productions 1
2009 CLIP VIDEO Ek Kudi by Sanjeev Mirajkar Prodywood 1
2009 FEATURE Asal by K.V. Saravanan Prodywood 3
2009 DOCUMENTARY Across 7 Seas ICR 1
2009 FEATURE Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu by D.P. Raghuram ICR 1
2009 FEATURE Mujjahir by Prashant Chaddha Prodywood 1
2008 FEATURE Iru Nathiga by Joseph Paulraj Tanit Productions 2
2008 FEATURE Iverpattalam Tanit Production 2
2008 FEATURE London Dreams by Vipul Shah Tanit Productions 5
2007 FEATURE Maanar by I. V. Sasi Tanit Productions 1
2007 FEATURE Paruva Raagam by Ravi Nadarajan Tanit Productions 1
2007 COMMERCIAL Hamstead TVC by Razneesh Ghai ICR 2
2006 FEATURE Bombay To Paris by Robby Grewal Debsie Films 2
2006 FEATURE Don by Farhan Akhtar ICR 2
2006 FEATURE Jhoom Barabar Jhoom by Shaad Ali ICR 7


Year Type Title and director Executive production Days in Paris
2013 TV FICTION Love in Paris 2 By Venmy Sagita Catleya WALL WORKS 41
2012 TV FICTION Love in Paris By Venmy Sagita Catleya WALL WORKS 10
2007 FEATURE LOST IN LOVE by Rachmania Arunita WALL WORKS 15


Year Type Title and director Executive production Days in Paris
2011 SHORT I Love you by Hassan Fathy Film Work 14