International production

Each year, Paris attracts a large range of International film crew. Paris Film team will be pleased to guide you.

In 2013, Paris welcomed more than 110 International productions.

Some International productions use an executive production based in France .
To inform you, please find above the shootings done in Paris since 2006 with a help of a production service based in France. You can make a research  by country, type (commercial, documentary, feature, Tv fiction, short), year or executive production company and you will know the name of the project  with the number of  days filming  in Paris. 



United Kingdom

Year Type Title and director Executive production Days in Paris
2007 TV FICTION Voyage – Wanna Be Holiday Rep Full On Entertainment 1
2007 FEATURE The French Films by Jacky Oudney Pont Neuf Limited 2
2006 FEATURE Mr Bean II by Steve Bendelack Firstep 10
2006 FEATURE Mister Lonely by Harmony Korine Love Streams Prod. 8
2006 SHORT Give And Take by Phil Lepherd Films Sans Frontière 4
2006 COMMERCIAL HSBC by Sébastien Edwards Irene 2
2006 DOCUMENTARY Channel 4 Film Construction 1

United States

Year Type Title and director Executive production Days in Paris
2013 FEATURE As above so below by John Erick Dowdle Peninsula Film 13
2013 TV FICTION Castle by Rob Bowman Kanzaman 2
2013 FEATURE Anyk by Doug Liman Peninsula Film 1
2013 COMMERCIAL Mc Donald's by Peter Sluszka Excuse my french 1
2013 TV FICTION Park and recreation by Dean Holland Froggie Production 1
2013 COMMERCIAL Victoria's Secret by Darius Kondhji Bandits Productions 4
2013 FEATURE Three days to kill by Mc G, CII Europacorp 24
2013 FEATURE Third person by Paul Haggis Purple Papaya 1
2013 COMMERCIAL Urban Outfitters by Lina Scheynius Prod N 1
2013 VIDEO CLIP Beyonce - Jay Z Psycho 2
2013 FEATURE We'll never have Paris by Jocelyn Towne and Simon Helberg Année Zéro 4
2013 COMMERCIAL Ralph Lauren by Carter Berg Octopix 4
2013 FEATURE The 100 foot journey by Lasse Hallstrom Gem Fims 2
2013 FEATURE My old lady by Israel Horovitz Fulldawa Production 22
2012 FEATURE Three days to kill by Mc G, CII Europacorp 4
2012 FEATURE Red2 by Dean Parisot, CII Firstep 9
2012 FEATURE Smurfs 2 by Raja Gosnell, CII Firstep 22
2012 FEATURE Now you see me by Louis Leterrier Soixante Quinze 3
2012 COMMERCIAL H&M all for children Creative chaos 1
2011 FEATURE UNTITLED by Terrence Malick Sammler 3
2011 COMMERCIAL MALBEC by Andrew Zuckerman Franco American Film 3
2011 FEATURE KILLER ELITE by David Mac Kenzie Single Man Productions 1
2011 FEATURE SAFE HOUSE by Daniel Espinosa Peninsula Film 1