International production

Each year, Paris attracts a large range of International film crew. Paris Film team will be pleased to guide you.

In 2013, Paris welcomed more than 110 International productions.

Some International productions use an executive production based in France .
To inform you, please find above the shootings done in Paris since 2006 with a help of a production service based in France. You can make a research  by country, type (commercial, documentary, feature, Tv fiction, short), year or executive production company and you will know the name of the project  with the number of  days filming  in Paris. 



United States

Year Type Title and director Executive production Days in Paris
2011 SHORT Picture Paris By Brad Hall Oscar et Rosalie 3
2011 FEATURE THE MUPPETS by James Bobin A Propos Production 3
2011 FEATURE UNTITLED by Terrence Malick Sammler 3
2010 FEATURE MIDNIGHT IN PARIS by Woody Allen, CII Firstep 18
2010 TV FICTION GOSSIP GIRL by Mark Piznarski, CII Peninsula Film 5
2010 FEATURE MONTE CARLO STORY by Tom Bezucha, CII Peninsula Film 6
2010 FEATURE THE TOURIST by F. H.Von Donnersmarck, CII Peninsula Film 6
2010 SHORT Boulevard Saint Germain Des Prés by Ileana D. Vasquez Blvd Saint Germain Des Prés 6
2010 FEATURE HUGO CABRET by Martin Scorsese, CII Peninsula Film 9
2010 FEATURE LOL US by Lisa Azuelos Bethsabée Mucho 1
2009 COMMERCIAL My Idea by Bryan Buckley Wanda Productions 1
2009 FEATURE HEREAFTER by Clint Eastwood, CII Peninsula Film 4
2009 FEATURE INCEPTION by Christopher Nolan, CII Peninsula Film 10
2009 DOCUMENTARY Paris: The Luminous Years by Perry Miller Adato INA 7
2008 COMMERCIAL CEMEX by Rob Delgaudio Black Pearl Productions 3
2008 COMMERCIAL Sattar by Ali Sattonprank 1000 Pattes Productions 1
2008 FEATURE GI JOE by Stephen Sommers Peninsula Film 8
2008 FEATURE INGLORIUS BASTERDS by Q. Tarantino Peninsula Film 5
2008 FEATURE JULIE AND JULIA by Nora Ephron Peninsula Film 6
2008 FEATURE THE INFORMANT by Steven Soderberg Peninsula Film 1
2008 FEATURE THE REBOUND by Bart Freudlich Neon Productions 2
2008 FEATURE TRANSFORMERS 2 by Michael Bay Peninsula Film 1
2007 FEATURE KIDDIE RIDE by S. Jennings and H. Guskin 24 Dreams Per Second 2
2007 FEATURE PINK PANTHER 2 by Harold Zwart Panthère Film 7
2007 FEATURE National Treasure 2 : The Book Of Secrets by J. Turteltaub Peninsula Film 2
2007 FEATURE RUSH HOUR 3 by Bret Ratner Peninsula Film 27
2007 FEATURE THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM by P. Greengrass Peninsula Film 3
2007 FEATURE THE HAPPENING by Night Shyamalan Peninsula Film 1
2006 TV FICTION THE SOPRANOS by Tim Van Patten Peninsula Film 6