Paris Film OFFICE

We help you to film in Paris

Paris is a major hub of cinema activity. It is the setting for a vast number of films, from great classics of the cinema to the latest productions. Over 6000 different outside locations have been used by film crews in recent years.
The French capital offers film-makers two outstanding advantages:
-    a huge variety of prestigious or evocative locations
-    a profusion of talented and highly experienced cinema professionals.
The Paris Film Office was set up to assist and advise professional film-makers who wish to film in the city.

What the Paris Film Office does:

  • We coordinate and issue permits to film in the street and at locations belonging to the City of Paris (parks, gardens, cemeteries, bridges, public buildings, etc.).
  • We manage technical operations such as removal of road signs and street furniture, changes to lighting and other alterations needed to recreate a historical setting. 
  • We provide information on permits required for filming in private or state-owned locations, and advise on issues concerning image rights.

Two permits are required for filming in Paris: one issued by the Paris Film Office for the City of Paris, and one issued by the Préfecture de Police, the city's police authority.

See Obtaining permits for more information.

Paris Film is a member of the National Film commission Film France and of the European film commission EUFCN